Brand Guidelines

We’re so proud to share our new brand with you.

Please use our brand with pride and treat it with respect. When we have a strong, unified and consistent brand, making our benefits clear we will attract more support for Scouting.

This guide has ben produced by the Watford North Scouts Media Team as a summary for the full Brand Guidelines to assist Groups in applying the new Scout Brand to all our local internal and external communications.

Whilst change can be frustrating, this is a positive move to make our logo more modern and work better online and on social media. And not everything is changing – the key parts of Scouting are staying the same (including the Membership Badge and the Uniform – and the adventures we deliver on the ground all year round.

The purpose of the new brand is to update the view of Scouting across the country, where the view is often still stuck in the past with the lemon-squeezer hat and “dyb dyb dyb” and drive growth in the movement and the recruitment of adult volunteers.

Think of the new brand as an opportunity. A chance to update your materials – both those you use in print and online, including on social media.

The Media Team are here to help!

Media Team

Chris Hawes - Media and Communications Manager

Chris looks after the Media and Communications for Watford North Scouts and maintains the website.

Any external media involvement or significant publishing inside or outside of the movement must go via Chris to ensure best practice and biggest impact.

Heather Lewinton - North Star Editor

Heather sends out North Star, the District newsletter, at the start of each month (excluding August and January).

Internal news stories should be sent to Heather for inclusion in North Star.

Jack Mawhinney - ADC (Growth and Development)

Jack runs the District’s growth initiative and should be involved regarding any significant recruitment events or campaigns.

Dave Collette - District Commissioner

As DC, Dave is responsible for all Scouting activity in the District and ensuring that we follow the brand guidelines.