Social Media is an exciting way of promoting Scouting and we use this method of communication to interact with fellow Scouts, parents and the local community. Watford North District Scouts actively engages with followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Scout Association encourages the use of social networks as a way to publicise Scouting. Our social networking is conducted within the guidelines issued by The Scout Association which can be found at

Key individuals in the District, including the District Commissioner, District Media Manager and Team and Assistance District Commissioner (Growth and Development) closely monitor our social streams to make sure they fit with these policies.


Groups in Watford North are provided with further guidance on the implementation of this policy.

Steps to Protect our Young People
We are very careful about the information and photos we post of our activities onto the Internet.

1. NAMES: We never put a young person?s name next to a photo, without the express permission of their parents.

2. PERMISSION: All parents of Watford North Scouts should be aware that we use photos of our young people to promote and advertise Scouting and its benefits to young people and adult volunteers in Watford North. If any parent does not wish us to use photos of their son/daughter in this way they can inform their leaders and we will make every effort to not post photos of that individual. It is the responsibility of the person using the photo to make sure that all the parents have been informed of this policy and that none have asked us not to use pictures of their son/daughter.

This policy will be reviewed annually and ratified, with suitable amendments, by the District Executive, or on the appointment of a new District Commissioner.